Many years after dreaming of his own suicide, “Father” Lucius – an unusual priest – must confront himself with his past to help a mysterious young bride who wants to walk away from her wedding. But will the truth save her?


  • Cast
    John Reddington, Gena Bray, Chris Baltus, Chin Kanu, Charlotte Dumur, Frédéric Brodard

  • Director 
    Margaux Fazio

  • Writers 
    Margaux Fazio, John Reddington
     - Adapted from "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" by Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • Cinematographer
    David Baumann



  • Toronto Independent Festival of Cift
    Best Female Director

  • Montreal Independent Film Festival 
    Official Selection

  • New York International Film Awards
    Official Selection

Feature film - 80 min - English (sub. fr/en)

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